Baba de Caracol: simply everything you need to take care of your skin in a single product

Actualizado: 28 oct 2019

Baba de Caracol: simply everything you need to take care of your skin in a single productby Patricia Domínguez M.

Hello again!This time we will talk about the multiple benefits of a natural ingredient that you have probably heard a lot about: the snail slime.Snail drool is a naturally protective substance, which helps snails protect themselves and regenerate their bodies if they have suffered any damage. This benefit is the same that you can get for your skin, as the snail slime contains essential substances for skin care: allantoin, glycolic acid, collagen, elastin, proteins and minerals.What is allantoin used for?Allantoin is a substance that is naturally present in many organisms. It stimulates and softens the skin and helps repair and replace damaged tissue, as well as being anti-irritant. It is very useful to prevent and treat minor burns, especially those caused by the sun.What about hyaluronic acid?Hyaluronic acid is a polysaccharide (a very large molecule of sugar!). It is found throughout our body, but especially in the skin. Its main function is the retention of moisture in the skin; A single hyaluronic acid molecule can retain up to 1000 times its weight in water! So it works as a skin moisturizer, regenerator and softener.What, another acid? And for what?Glycolic acid in an alpha hydroxy acid, whose molecules are very small, which helps it to be better absorbed into the skin. It helps you eliminate dead cells, as it breaks the bonds between the old skin cells and helps eliminate them. By cleaning your skin, the other ingredients of your skin care products will be absorbed much better.Snail drool is a natural antibiotic, and its properties are similar to those of aloe vera: they help you improve healing and eliminate spots, burns and stretch marks. It can also help reduce warts and keloid scars.As you can see, snail drool is the perfect option for all your skin's needs. In KoriaNatural you will find the Korean line BELLALUSI, whose main ingredient is the snail slime. Do not miss the opportunity to try these products and check the effects of snail drool on your skin!

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