Your complete guide to using Sheet Masks

Actualizado: 28 oct 2019

Your complete guide to using Sheet MasksBy Patricia Domínguez Meneses

Greetings, friends and friends!

On this occasion we are going to talk about very popular products, not only because they are an essential part of the Korean beauty routine, but because they are an easy and accessible way to give extra care to your skin and have a mini-spa at home: sheet masksThere are sheet masks of various types and brands, and they have become very popular because they are very cheap and practical remedies to work with various skin problems and needs. They are very easy to use, very practical and you can take them even on airplanes.

What are sheet masks?

They are cotton masks, synthetic fibers, hydrogel or cellulose that are impregnated with serums and an organic alcohol such as butylene glycol that allows the skin to absorb the active ingredients of the serum.

How do sheet masks work?

By being wet they do not allow the products that you applied previously in your beauty routine to dry, and this in turn allows them to be absorbed more and better and for longer.

What ingredients should I choose in a mask?

It is important that your masks contain a chemical scrub that helps remove dead cells.It is ideal that the mask has an anti-oxidant such as retinol or vitamin C. Peptides, which will help the skin produce collagen and hyaluronic acid.What is the 7 day challenge?

Many articles have been published that speak of the seven-day challenge. The challenge is to use a different mask every day, as a method to accelerate skin improvement. This challenge is super useful to prepare your skin for a special occasion, such as your wedding, for example.

How do I use my sheet masks?

Wash your face with your favorite cleanser. Use a tonic. You can also exfoliate to help the active ingredients in your sheet masks be better absorbed. Open the mask pack and remove it with clean hands. You can squeeze it a little so that the serum does not drain.Place the mask from the forehead and sail accommodating on your face.Relax yourself for about 10 to 30 minutes.Remove the mask and tap it to finish absorbing the product.

Any other tip?

It is not necessary to rinse the mask, but you can add your eye contour cream and your moisturizer or night cream.In addition, sheet masks can be reused or you can store the remaining serum to apply it to the chest, neck, hands, or wherever you want.

You can put your sheet masks in the refrigerator to give freshness to your face, or a few minutes in warm water so as not to feel the cold in the winter.You can bathe with the mask on, since the steam in the shower will help the pores to open and absorb more of the product.

Use your serum before the mask. You can also use some essential oil before to enhance its effects.And finally, caution:If your complexion has a tendency to acne, do not abuse these masks, use them maximum twice a week, and for short periods of time. This is because they increase the temperature of the skin and this could increase the outbreaks. However, in KoriaNatural we have special masks to control acne.Enjoy the moments of relaxation that you can grant yourself using a sheet mask, and take advantage of all its benefits for beautiful and healthy skin.

See you soon!

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